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@Seifer -

Looks like you were able to fix the profile pic and it's really nice now.

Workout: I'm working more hours since everyone needs their photos for the holidays. Between doing job apps, cosplay, and working out - it can be difficult to juggle sometimes. Dog walks lately have been my main source, but I need to do more than that. It's good you were able to get Eric to start. I do think the first few months are definitely the hardest.

Fiberglass: Well, the head restraint for the hard hat is actually detachable from the hat itself, so I'm thinking I can just rig it into a different position. It's a bit difficult to explain, but I could probably show you when you come up in December. I still need to watch the Wreck it Ralph movie, but I really want to see it. Maybe there is a character I can join you in that. I could definitely show you how the fiberglass works if you want and how to apply it and what not. Do you have a respirator by chance? If you don't, I think the the disposable ones that cover your nose and mouth would be okay until you are doing it a lot.

Something Dissidia Related: I'm not sure what the price would be on colored feathers. I have ordered feathers at one time, but I forgot how much they cost. Yeah, he is bare chested - That would be difficult to attach wings.

Cosplay updates: One reason I want to get up earlier is to do some cosplay before work. It's always easier said than done. After work, I'm generally just so exhausted.

Sabin & Edgar: I don't mind my props weighing a bit more if they are sturdier. Maybe my Duke sword was a bit extreme in terms of weight (made out of oak). I guess that's the difference with Sculpey. Sculpey didn't seem sandable, even though I never really tried it. I'm probably not going to do paper clay so much anymore. Seems to brittle.

Upcoming Projects: I'm thinking I may just string a tarp up on my balcony in order to do the fiberglass stuff. It rains so much here, that it's difficult to wait until it isn't raining. I think it's sometimes best to see how the costume itself works out before adding the prop. I did think the Bellevue Botanical Gardens would work for debuting the 12 Kingdoms stuff. There really seemed to be lots of areas that looked similar. Do you have any more to do with Yoko besides the sword? I wonder if a castle would work for that cosplay. Maybe the Suzzalo Library again? That place - since I got to visit it - would be perfect for Zelda. I'll have to look into why the stitch was skipping. I was using just a universal needle, so that could be the reason.

Terra shoot and dress: I would think that in Lithia Park, there would be lots more people with models than just trying to shoot nature. Especially for the time of year it was. Was it raining while you were there? I've definitely learned that week days are the best for those places. On Weekends, it's everyone with their kids. I do remember some kids liking Jennie's TP Zelda cosplay at the time. That makes sense about the steel boning following the shape better. That will probably put less resistance stress on the fabric. I always seem to have to touch up props when I get back from a con. Maybe I just need to seal them better.
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