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Wink Start Making My own Bane mask

At my friend's Halloween Party which was hold on a big plaza, I've seen some guys who worn the same Bane mask as me. We are big fans of Bane, even he was a villain in film.

Comparing with our masks, we all could find some defects from the masks. Truth to be told, I’m not that proud of my mask, but I want to just like Bane. Actually, I spent a lot of time to buy a good Bane mask on online shops. It took me 8 days to receive the mask.

I suppose I don’t like these,
* There is some smell?
* The most important is the mask cannot make my voice changed.
* Quality of the mask can be more better?
* Need more holes to breath fresh air?

Did anyone else have the same mask? How do you think about it?

I may make my own Bane mask by myself? Any suggestions to make a perfect mask are appreciated?

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