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@ FinalEVA -

I was, thank you! The grainy look was annoying me. :P

Workout: I think because of the holidays, your work hours are only going to get crazier. I am glad you are at least getting some kind of exercise in there though. I have been doing really well this month. I am just trying to stick with it at this point. I worry that I might get off track when they fattening holidays roll around. :P

Fiberglass: I think that makes sense, I am sure I will understand better when I see it in person though. Either way, I hope it's an easy fix for you. I highly recommend Wreck it Ralph though, that movie was awesome and very funny. It would be really cool if you found someone to be too! Eric was thinking of cosplaying Ralph, maybe we can get a little group together! As for a mask, I actually don't have one, but I was going to ask if those little painter ones work well enough. I wouldn't be doing this until I could be outside for sure.

Something Dissidia Related: Sarah is actually the expert on feathers, not me, but it seems like they are pretty pricey. She does know of a good site where you can get bulk feather though. I just think getting feathers for nine wigs is going to cost a lot even if you do buy in bulk. :P As for attaching the wings, the only thing I could think of is if the Kefka were wearing a body suit and the wings attach underneath the bodysuit.

Cosplay updates: Ha ha, I totally hear you there. I attempted to get up early this morning and failed. :P It's just to hard to find the time or the energy to do anything.

Props: Like you, I prefer a prop with more weight if it makes it more durable. Wow though, an oak sword, you are crazy! :P Lately I have been tossing around the idea of how to make my SS Zelda harp... and the more I think about it, the more I think I have to use paperclay. I might try for a different brand of it and see if that makes a difference. Usually I use the Pearl paperclay, but maybe they have tougher types and I just didn't know.

Upcoming Projects: Putting a tarp up is a great idea!!! I think that would work really well for you and at least you wouldn't have to wait until the weather was agreeable to get some fiberglass work done. Speaking of which, I may ask for a mini tutorial or something of that sort when I visit in December. Just fair warning. I am so excited to see these Gardens. It looked very appropriate for 12 Kingdoms!! For Yoko I just have the sword and the sheath left to make. I was thinking of trying to get some work done on it over the holidays. The building designs in 12K seem very Asian influenced, it's really too bad that cool garden in Portland charges so darn much for a shoot. >: ( That would have been perfect. As for the library, I am so glad you think it will work out for Zelda. I am so excited for more fun shoots!!

As for your skipping stitches, if the material is light, try using a ballpoint needle and see if that helps.

Terra shoot and dress: You would think there would be more of that, especially in Ashland, but who knows. It actually didn't rain on us, which is a surprise because it's rained on me for just about every shoot I have done. :P I think from now on I will just try to schedule shoot sin the middle of the week. It;s just too annoying and frustrating to have some bozo standing in your shot, even when you ask them to move. I do have to admit it was cool when we did Ganon and Puppet Zelda that the kids liked my costume. I really think the boning will help make my Terra dress sit better and look better overall. I am excited to give her a few touch-ups. And as far as fixing props after cons, I don't think it's just you that has this problem. :P

Update: This weekend I will be heading to the store for my fimo clay and fabric for my dress, so hopefully I can get started on that soon. I hope everyone else is doing well and that you guys come back soon!!

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