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Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
Eh, Another time can't hurt..What with how many people keep signing up lol

Jason (I hope my username was enough to know that, but eh *Shrug*)

2.General location:
Washington State. King County to get more specific..

3.Self Summary & Gender:
I am a dude, and I am short..I am 5'5" and a little on the slightly heavy side. I wouldn't say "fat" but not as skinny as I use to be lol Working on that one..I like anime, like most on here, except I hate Naruto..Sorry..I don't mind if you like it, But just know I don't..I will, however, play the games..I do however like a wide veriety of styles. I love Magical Girl. I just thing the outfits are way way awesome looking and I love drawing them. I do love action anime like most males do like DragonBall and the like, but I would rather sit and watch a romantic comedy anime before that. My favorite anime is Cardcaptor Sakura. And yes, the Japanese one..Not the English one..I also love Sailormoon, and my favorite character ever is Minako Aino (Venus). As for games I love the games Square has made..This would be starting around The Sword Of Mana, and the first Final Fantasy games all the way to the newer Kingdom Hearts games (as well as all of them lol). My all time favorite game is Final Fantasy VII (all of them, but the original more). My favorite game characters are Tifa (FFVII), Cloud (FFVII) and Shiva (GF in FFVIII). As for manga, My favorites are Beyond the Beyond (most favorite ever), Vampire Knight and Rosario+Vampire. I also play guitar. I play a lot of metal, so yea..Being good with that is a HUGE plus and probably something you will want to like being around me..I also draw (as mentioned above). I draw anime but I am really good at anything..If I take my time I can draw just about anything..Last, Cosplays. You can look in my costume page to see who I cosplay. Mostly games (only games at this time but will be doing more). That's about it for now..

25. Looking for around 22-26ish. That's a normal range for me..

4.Likes and or dislikes:
Really, you can get that from reading above..

5.What you are looking for:
Friends, Girlfriend (long term I hope) and cosplay buddies. If you see in my page what I cosplay and you wanna hang out at a con as another fellow character that's kool and I will totally be up for that.

Anyway, That's all for now. Thanks for looking ^_^
Adding the cosplays I do in hopes of also finding people to couple cosplay with:
-Xmas Sora (Looking for ANY kh2 Kairi..If you wanna do Xmas hat's even better lol
-Cloud (AC and KH1) Tifa of any kind is welcome. I also have a KH1 version I created that would go with my KH1 Cloud..
-Marluxia (Kingdom Hearts COM) Needing a Larxene. Nothing special about this one lol
-Akaito/Kaito (Black/red coat) Looking for a Meiko..Any version. One that matches would be kool but idc..I guess really any Vocaloid femail would work..I personally have seen a TON of Meiko, Miku, and Rin (all normal versions) cosplayers that are pretty cute.
-Lucius (Trinity Universe) loking for a Rizelea to cosplay with.

All of these can be friends..You don't have to be dating me to cosplay them with me, It would make it better if we WERE, but yea..Not gonna make ya lol
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-Akaito (Vocaloid)

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