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It's been a while since I posted in this thread, so I'll go through everyone on the most recent page.

@Blackterial: I'd say you look good as a bishounen, which fits that character well!

@Nyanacd: Looks good for the most part to me. I'd say you pull off a nice M.I.L.F. (And yes, I'm complimenting you ).

@MagicialStar: For the most part, you look really cute, but a common mistake of crossplaying as bishojo characters (I know this from experience, so trust me.) is facial expression. Certain ones will expose your masculinity more than others (Compare the 2nd and 5th images). I would also look into false eyelashes (particularly the criss-cross ones as I think they go well for the bishojo look which is what you seem to be going for) if you haven't already. They help for larger eyes, which will make you look cute and attractive even from a distance!

@SennaKoshiba: If there's anything that can be improved upon, it would making your face look a little more rounded. Other than that, you look dangerously sexy.

@animachan: In terms of body, I'd say you pass for the most part. Some facial shots would be appreciated for a better opinion, though.

@Libis: I wouldn't want to pick a fight with you. In other words, you look like a really tough guy!

@miene-maus: Looks good from what I can see. For Ciel Phantomhive in particular, I also recommend using some mascara at the least as his eyes are portrayed to be pretty wide.

@Akune-chan: Your Grell Sutcliffe shots definitely indicate that you can pull off the flamboyant male. I'm a bit skeptical on the Orochimaru one due to the lighting in particular, so I'm not going to say anything certain for that one. The last 2 shots indicate that you can pull off the "genius" male character pretty well, though the lighting leaves a bit of doubt on my part.

@DarkContract: Your facial shape works well for bishonen. I would like to see some shots showing more of your face, though.

Anyway, I was told I didn't pass last year (because I knew little to nothing about makeup then), so I'm going to post this comparison pic (left is November 2011, right is November 2012). Anyway, am I at least closer to passing now than before?
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