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Naruto 2013 - Casting Call

Hey Everyone!

Just getting a head start on the Naruto photoshoot! Feel free to post what costume you'll be doing from the series. Closer to AN I'll start up a poll for photo shoot dates and times.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone!


Sakura: me
Ino: rair's friend
Hinata: rair's friend
Kakashi: rair's friend
Sasuke: Heaven'sLock
Gaiden Obito: Hareem-Beam
Gaiden Kakashi: Hareem-Beam's friend
Sasori: musicalcats
Kushina: CirqueDuFolie
Four tails: CirqueDuFolie's friend
Naruto: CirqueDuFolie's friend
Sasuke: CirqueDuFolie's friend
Itachi: CirqueDuFolie's friend
Shikamaru: CirqueDuFolie's friend
Iruka: CirqueDuFolie's friend
Deidara: CirqueDuFolie's friend
Sasori: CirqueDuFolie's friend
Kisame: CirqueDuFolie's friend
Hinata (Shippuden): xsailorsam
Sakura: xsailorsam's friend
Temari: Redstars
Gaara: Redstars friend
Kankuro: Redstars friend
Sakura: Redstars friend
Kurenai: Redstars friend
Sasuke: redstars friend (maybe)
Kiba: redstars friend (maybe)

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