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Taking Commissions, Wooden Props

Currently ACCEPTING Commissions

Alright, I've decided that I may do some commission work for fun as well as a little profit on the side. I have currently made myself Four Swords and I made my brother a sword as well. these were two handed swords, a bit over sized width wise and thickness wise for durability more so than anything else.

I work in wood and wood only, I'm somewhat mistrustful of foam, I've seen several foam weapons get destroyed by the end of a con, this of course may be more attributable to the craftsmanship than the material itself. But for that reason I prefer sticking to wood.

So payment, the way I'm going to run this as two payments. I will estimate the cost of materials and I will bill you for that amount up front. I will then buy materials and scan the receipts. You will know exactly how much I've spent and any remainder will be carried over to the second payment. The second payment is for shipping costs and my price for what the prop itself is worth.

As far as what I'd need would be a detailed description, picture or drawing of the prop in question as well as it's dimensions. I will then make a 3-D model and or sketch of it and tweak the 3-D model until you are satisfied with what it should look like. The modeling program I use is Google Sketch-Up, it is free-ware that you may download to view the 3-D model in greater detail if you desire. I will post the model to The Warehouse which will allow you to see it without downloading but it is not as detailed in it's views. Below is the second generation of my sword which I uploaded a while ago.

Apocalypse mk VI

As you can see the 3-D view only rotates. And apparently it looks at it from the front. I'll try and remember that and change my usual methods so you can see the entire side view instead of the edge view. Below is a picture of the two swords I still have, mine and my brothers which are hanging on our living room wall currently.

Apocalypse and my Brother's Sword IRL Version

For scale reference Apocalypse is 6'8" Tip to pommel.

Also if you have any questions leave a post here so I may answer questions once and then everyone will know the answer.
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