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oooohh.... by technique I'd say 'brocade' except if you ask for brocade in a regular fabric store you'll get something thin and shiny. You need to go to the upholstery section/ store to find something that has that texture without the shine.

The only real caution when looking at upholstery fabrics for garments is to look at the back side and be sure it doesn't have some sort of rubber or plastic backing. Many are laundrable or at least dry-clean.
Be prepared, most furniture fabrics are made to much higher thread and density ratios, which means more work goes into creating them. What that really means to you is: they cost a good deal more than most garment fabrics. I'm ecstatic if I can get upholstery fabrics for $12- $15/ yard. I once bought a 1/3 of a yard that cost me $25..... O.o
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