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Originally Posted by Mehdia View Post
Ai no Miko, I think overall you have a great take on Sebastian. Your costume looks great and the photos are nice. The only thing I can think of to say about the posing would be to try to cock your head back a little more and look down a bit with your eyes. Sebastian tends to look down on others in that way, one because he's so tall, and two because he's an arrogant demon. But all in all you've got a great start.
Thank you very much I'm pleased to hear I wear it fairly well.
Just a question in terms of positioning my head, is it fairly easy to cock back your head like that and not make your eyes come off as too droopy when you look down a bit? I struggle with very tired looking eyes and I'm just wondering if they'd look closed half the time. Maybe I could get your opinion on if this looks any good, or if it's even what you meant:
It's just a second pose my photographer and I took in that garden setting, but my head is raised a little more (I think it's too distant to really check on my eyes though).
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