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Cosplayers in Toronto/Southwestern Ontario for Anime North 2013?

Ahoy all!

I'm looking for a few friendly cosplayers who are planning to go to Anime North 2013, and who wouldn't mind being part of my research project. I'm a grad student researching cosplay and fan culture, and part of my project is participant observation - meaning (in this case) that I cosplay with other cosplayers and document the experience. I'd also really like to document the construction of costumes and props - partly for research, partly because I'm always looking for new methods myself~

If you are interested in participating in my research, then please drop me a line (either by private message, or reply to this thread) and we'll get in touch about meeting up and discussing the specifics of your involvement. (**I will assure you complete anonymity if you do not want your name associated with my project.)

If you don't want to be part of my research, but would like to meet up at Anime North and hang out (or just chat about cosplay, anime, and video games for kicks), that would be awesome too! ^_^
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