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Thanks for the reply!
I haven't asked around there. I went in once or twice but I'm not a huge fan of their wig style selection so I haven't really talked to the workers much. Unlike Maple they don't come and try to help you along with the wig selection process. They just kinda sit and stare at you. kinda unnerving to me really. I'm also terrified of being the one to start the conversation so I'm not too good at asking questions Curse my inability to socialize.
My friend around here suggested like Baby fabric softener and I've put on a coat (Probably put a few more on before the next event because my friend's that forced me in on it canceled last second on me ;A but judging by how her wigs look after she wears them she either doesn't like BATHE them in it like me or it'll have no effect what-so-ever. So I'm still wayyy open to suggestions if anyone knows anything!
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