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I like the sound of that regardless, 'Once a hero, now an oppressor'
Originally Posted by Gohan Som View Post
I really like that idea of adding continuity. We could make cosplay chess into it's own series. At the start of every game we could tell the plot of the game. For example say next year we do Underdogs vs Dominators we could open with this.

"When Mewtwo grew angry with the way that humans ruled over each other he vowed to bring in an era of chaos. Aided by an army he almost bought death to the world. Thankfully due to the efforts of captain Wesker and his team of fighters Mewtwo was captured and his chaos squad defeated. Wesker declared himself the god of the new world and issued in a new reign of peace. He formed a team of the best fighters in the world to defend it. Well some considered it an era of peace others considered it an era of tyranny. People grew to hate a world where the strong ruled and began to resent Wesker. Fearing another rebellion Wesker held a tournament for the fate of the land. Uniting his domination squad to represent him in the tournament they intend to do battle with the alliance of untested fighters. Can these young worriers bring justice back to the land. Let's find out."
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