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Selling Naruto, Kuroshitsuji & 07 Ghost cosplays & a few wigs!~

Hello~ Selling a few unwanted costumes since they are not needed anymore. Here are the details!

I also have a lot of wigs for sale!

- I ship from the U.S! If you are in or can go to NYC we can do a face trade! I can do internationally shipping but it'll take me a few days to go to the post office to check for shipping.
- I ship within a week as I am usually busy. If any delays, I will contact you.
- Payment is by paypal. I dont mind concealed cash, but it is your own risk. No money orders or checks please!
- I live with a smoker and a cat so be aware if you're allergic.
- I do not do trades so please dont ask!
- I will only do holds if you pay a holding fee.
- I am not responsible for lost packages after it is sent out.
- Buyers pay the paypal fee or send payment as a gift.

My measurements in inches~

Waist - 25 in
Chest - Almost 29 inches
Hips - 31 inches
Height - 4'11 feet
Shoulder to wrist - 21 inches
Shoulder; 15 inches
Neck - 12 inches

I will do my best to provide more pics and measurements if possible.

07 Ghost, Kuroyuri - $100 shipped within the U.S

Official artwork for outfit -

- Coat
- Detachable "badge" at the left arm
- Pants
- Gold belt
- Possibly eye patch if I can find it

Bought from a chinese, cosplay site and only worn once. The jacket and the pants are too long on me by a few inches but otherwise, it fits fine. I think the sleeves may be a tiny bit long on me if I remember correctly as I have not worn this in years. Material it is made in is best for Fall and Winter.


Naruto, Haku - $60 shipped within the U.S

Fan art of outfit -

- Coat
- Pants
- Under shirt
- Waist tie

Bought from ebay a long time ago and only worn twice.


Kuroshitsuji, Ciel Phantomhive (Christmas outfit) - $127 shipped/tracked within the U.S

Official art work for outfit -

- Cape
- Jacket
- Shorts
- Boats in size US 5
- Mini hat with bell

I had this commissioned from a very good commissioner. The material for cape and jacket is probably some kind of fleece. Really warm for the winter! The boots were covered with fabric and fluff~~ I only wore it once for the holiday.


Kuroshitsuji, Ciel Phantomhive (Kimono outfit) - $119 shipped/tracked within the U.S

Official artwork for outfit -

- Kimono top
- Hakama pants
- Waits ties x 2
- Hair accessory

Commissioned and worn once for a spring event. The hakama was really long on me so it must be pinned if you are my height. The hakama is also like a real one in the way it needs to be tied. The kimono top is hand painted with a floral design The hair accessory is a bit damaged but it can be modified or fixed. The fabric for both pants and top are pretty heavy so I dont recommend it for Summer.


Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke - $50 shipped/tracked within the U.S

Fan art of outfit -

- Top
- Shorts
- Arm warmers
- Weapon pouch
- Leaf headband
- Ninja sandals

Bought from ebay a long time ago. Worn about three times.

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