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Name: Michi
General location: Southern California
Self Summary & Gender: Well I'm 5'5", I have past shoulder length, somewhat wavy, light brown hair. Blue eyes, generally always have glasses on. (Tend to only wear contacts for cosplays or hanging out with friends.) Biologically female, consider myself basically genderqueer though.
Age: Currently 19, I'd say my age range would be 17-27 in terms of someone I would date.
Likes: I have a huge weakness for animals, especially dogs. I enjoy role-playing, cosplaying/crossplaying, dancing(even if I'm not very good at it). Reading a good book, occasionally play video games from time to time. Singing, though I'm still a tad shy in comfortably doing so infront of others. I love to cuddle, part of being a hopeless romantic. Rain, it soothes me and puts me right to sleep. Sweets, I have a huge sweet tooth.
Dislikes: I suppose you could say I'm not too fond of people who are very full of themselves. Someone with a massive sized ego, basically. Spiders, I have a mild case of arachnophobia. Senseless violence, I can get a tad sensitive and uneasy when it comes to violence.
What you are looking for: Friends or possibly someone to be romantically involved with. When it comes to the type of person I would date, gender doesn't matter to me. Overall I would say what I look for is someone I can have an actual conversation with. Who welcomes and gives back affection. Someone who understands the meaning of personal space though, when needed. Personality is what I care about, I would hope the same could be said for the other person's view point on myself.
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