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Yeah, Batman was my favorite character for a long time as a little girl, and I still love watching the Animated Series, playing the Arkham games, and reading some of the comics. I care about comics and have read them and watched their shows and movies since I was small. Don't bash me because I'm pretty/female/etc AND into these things. I DO NOT go to cons to pick up men (though honestly, anyone whining like this is a boy and not a man.) I have a man who I love and who I cosplay with. I did not meet him at a con, I met him at school as a teenager (it's been 7 years and now we're both in college.) He is my best friend and we love our nerdy pastimes of video games, comics, movies, anime, etc. Cosplay is just one more way for us to be nerdy together. If anyone said something like this to my face, my man would be right behind me growling back at them.

What a closed-minded ass to say something like this. This is just another guy blaming his bad behavior on women. You can see it historically: women often get the blame for bad behavior on the more immature guys' parts.

By the way, though I have done sexier cosplays like Catwoman, I have also dressed up as Vergil from Devil May Cry. Despite the fact that I was not sexily-clad, I got more negative male attention dressed as a man than I ever have in a female cosplay--revealing or not. There was one guy who was insistent that he could beat my boyfriend in a fight and "win" me. This did not occur due to revealing costume (Only my face and fingertips were exposed!,) but rather due to a pig-like mind-set on they guy's part.

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