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Originally Posted by ThakYuki View Post
This isn't the first time stuff like this has shown up, and it definitely won't be the last. -.- Guess this guy's only browsed the interwebs from his mother's basement, jerking off to girls in their "revealing" outfits.
<_< Good job of actually reading the article. Cool sterotypes bro, don't forget to call him a virgin.

On-topic, this one hurts. I actually like Tony Harris' art a bunch, as his work on "Ex Machina" is pretty great. I'm sure there's a reason for this outburst, but man, give us some insight if you want people to side with you. I disagree with him 100% for the record. But man, shit sucks when people who's work you like is tainted by douchebaggery actions.

If there's any good from this event, it's that a TON of comic creators spoke out about this post, both male and female. Harris' stance is definetly not the norm amongst creators:

Also eff yeah Gail Simone, you are the best at times.
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