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Originally Posted by Limeyaku View Post
How you're describing how you made yours sounds very similar to mine. Sew the nylons shut at the top and handstitch them along the bottom band of the wig under the nape of the neck to attach them. The one thing that stands out with your wig is that you braided under instead of over. Meaning your braid goes like this /\ instead of this V . When you have that much hair in the wig, it can make a difference!

Try undoing it and wrapping each 'tube' with a satin ribbon, just pinned into the top to help keep the hair in place while braiding. When the braid is done ( pull it fairly tight too, it'll help hold its shape ), just unpin each ribbon and pull them out from the bottom.

I hope that made sense!
Thank you for the idea. I will try it as soon as I have some free time.
Seifer-sama: I've tried several times to upload photos, but they dissapear with no reason. I don't know what I'm not doing right. I'm embroiding now the line of the lower part of the skirt, so I have so much work before I could make some motifs.
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