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1.Name: I suppose Kit will do. =)
2.General location: California
3.Self Summary & Gender: I am a girl, 22 years old and a first time cosplayer. I have been to 4 conventions in my lifetime and have enjoyed them so much! I absolutely love cosplay to death and I am so excited to be doing my first one. I am a very upbeat person. I tend to get along with guys more, or girls that have a guy mentality. I am super sarcastic and joke around immensely. I am very physical! If I get excited I intend to grab or slap your arm (not hard just like multiple little slaps at one time XD) But I also hit peoples arms as well. That's a sign that I am super comfortable with you. lol I love to play fight a lot as you can tell. I love love loooove honesty. Be straight forward with me about things. I am a really good listener. If I see someone struggling I have to help, I cant just stand by.
Likes: I Love anime/manga just any type of that peaks my interest. Action, adventure, Horror types or even ones that cater to fangirls. I like to let my inner fan girl out every once in while. XD Love Marvel and DC. I am not claiming to have full knowledge of both but I absolutly love hearing about it. Knew things I didn't know about the characters and stuff. It just amazes me. XD I like Smallville, The walking Dead, Once Upon a Time. I love to Draw, read and play sports. Any sport really but mostly Soccer! Video games! woo!! Im more into one on one fighting games like Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Guilty Gear, Street Fighter.
Dislikes: hmmm I hate drama just like anyone else. But there is just no escaping it!! I dislike rude people. I dont like full on negative Nancy's where they always look at the glass half empty. Im a look at the glass half full kind of girl. XD
5.What you are looking for: Cosplay buddies and friends!
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