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Originally Posted by Nostrum View Post
Do you mean how to stop from flashing people mistakenly?
You've got three options.
One is Hollywood tape, but honestly it doesn't hold that well. It's really not much better than standard double-sided tape.
Second is toupee tape. You can buy it online or at a good store that sells toupees and wigs. This is a much stronger tape, and will hold for longer and is more resistant to sweat.
Third is an oh-crap-I-didn't-buy-toupee-tape option. It's carpet tape. It's a double sided tape that you stick to the underside of carpet to hold it to the floor. THAT stuff holds like a motherfu--.
thank you for the opinion of useing type but I am afraid my skin on my chest is really sensitive to the adiceve that is used with all types.
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