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Originally Posted by penny_dreadful View Post
As he said, "we are Legion", or whatever. He honestly, truly thinks that there are enough people who agree with him that he does not have to face any real life consequences for his reprehensible comments.
While there's support for cosplayers and female nerds/geeks/fans all over the internet because of this, most of the comments on his original FB post (at least when I read it) were in support. The people responding directly to him on the original source probably mean more to him than all the rest of us yahoos out there. And what I found even more disappointing was that some of these (men) were making the move from saying that "fake" cosplayers should be called-out, to saying that cosplay doesn't belong at conventions at all and it decreases their sales, since we take up space/tickets that someone who actually likes comics could be using. Because cosplayers never actually buy anything. And of course, we always stand in front of their tables and literally block their business. >_>

I've seen the "poseur nerd" rants before, but never seen that kind of hate on for some fancy clothes.
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