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Tressa Flynn - Original Idea, what would you like to see?

I'm wanting to make a Youtube Series of an Orginal character called Tressa Flynn, an Irish tinker who studies folklore, myths and magic with her teacher Patrick Myrna.

Both of these characters are of my own creation and I have been working on them for a long time, now I am just in the stage of getting ready to make the costumes from the designs I created for both me and my fiance to actually use as cosplays.

But i really want to set up a youtube show for her, shes a beloved character I created and I adore the roleplays and other things I have made for her to get to understand her personality better.

Some of the idea's I have had are to hold myths and legend sessions where she goes though different legends etc.
Another is the back storys of Tressa's and Patricks journey together.
And the only other thing i can think of is Music videos when i have some of this done.

What i want to know is what you you guys look for in order to watch something like this on youtube? What hints and tips could you give me to get a better understanding of it?

I have taken a lot of thought about the costumes, where its set and even the different props, now i just need to make it all, and know what you as an audience would look for an orginal design?

Thank you for reading and if you would like anymore information please feel free to ask
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