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Zoom vs. Prime, wide angle (Nikon)

I'm still waiting on consignments to sell, though I'm probably going to take matters into my own hands soon to get the more expensive gear sold. This leaves a lot of time to research replacements. I've been focused on prime lenses for a few years, though semi-wide to semi-tele are the style of primes I prefer. 50mm and 85mm primes are a given.

Does anyone have the Nikon 16-35mm f4 VR lens? How do you like it?

I was thinking of that instead of a 20mm f2.8 and 28mm f1.8 combo. I should eventually have a DX and FX camera that I plan on using together.

Positives and negatives for the zoom:
- VR with a wide angle lens seems potentially useful for hand-held video, but I can't find any example clips. I'd be interested to see if this can work with video and if it helps.
- More range of possibilities compared to the two primes.
- Looks like it is a big lens, so packing it might be a pita as I use two cameras a lot.
- The aperture is f4 maximum, but with wide angle, that isn't much of an issue. Although, missing out on the potential of that 28mm f1.8 would be a shame. The 20mm f2.8 seems kind of meh, but not much else in that range.
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