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Help with some Akaito stuff please

So, I posted this in the props thread but I know not all of the huge Vocaloid fans look in there, so I figured if I post here, those that don't look there, but here instead, will be able to help ^_^ I'm just gonna repost:

So, I'm getting an Akaito cosplay made, and I need some help on a few things (ref at the bottom)..

So I can't find a good picture of his shoes in this specific outfit..I have seen cosplayers with normal black shoes, then I have seen some with things like these:
I know these are meant for the WHITE/red outfit so I don't think they'd work but yea..I don't want to spend that kinda money if I can help it..

Then there's the headset..
Anyone know a cheap one? I really more want one that's like this (if they make any):
Clip on headphones, but with a Mic on it..I don't want the over the head thing..But I want to use them as headphones as well..If they don't, how would I make really REALLY good looking ones out of real clip ons?

Thanks for any help

I don't have a ref for the headset but I think you get it lol

So that was my last post..For the headset, Please no one tell me "well you can't hear out of real headphones during a con so make them out of foam blah blah blah" because I will not take your advice there..I prefer them real for my own reasons
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