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Name: call me Pocky
General Location: Arizona
Self Summary & Gender:I'm 5'2", i'm Native American girl (FBI), And i started cosplaying this past summer. I'm rather lively and weird(just the way i am). i'm sort of a tomboy and is really up for anything that a usual girly girl wouldn't do.i can be a fan girl at times I can break a bone if i need to and i like to be really random.I'm really fun and tend to stick on the bright side of things. You don't have to hide anything from me because i keep secrets and i generally don't care what your like as long as i like you
Likes: Anime and Manga, I really love pocky and pizza! I love gorey horror movies and i love to cosplay. i like to draw, make cosplays, and play music. I like video games and fat cats >o<. i like to randomly put things on ppl's heads and hug them. oh and i'm really in love with this one Anime/Manga called Kuroshitsuji. i love to cosplay as those ppl. ohh and i ♥♥♥ CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dislikes: i hate liars and smartasses. I don't like soda or watermelon( even though i'm around a family who eats watermelon and drinks soda all the time). I hate it when ppl annoy the crap outta me and and just try to push my buttons. I hate full of themselves and generally just plain Jerky ppl.
Age:13 ( but i'm going to be 14 in 3 months)
What are you looking for: some more cosplay friends or a relationship. I really only care about how you treat me and what your personalities like. And to love me no matter what and to have a cool convo with.
"Is mayonnaise and instrument?"
-Patrick Star
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