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Name of Commissioner: RHatake
Character commissioned: (3 WIGS)
-Vash the Stampede from Trigun.
-Alfred F. Jones/America/U.S. from Hetalia.
-Link from The Legend of Zelda.
Links to pictures of your commissioned item:
Timeline: Two Months! (It would've been One Month, but we had issues with the wigs being Out Of Stock! Not the commissioners fault!)

Describe your Experience: This is my first time commissioning Rhatake and I can say that I LOVE her work! That I'm going to continue commissioning her! And that she is a sweetheart to work with, very dedicated, and very talented! I love the fact that she doesn't go crazy adding hairspray to the wigs which makes them look REAL! Her spikes aren't sloppy and they don't flop, they're well done and look REAL. They're very high quality. Which is something that I adored from seeing her previous commission pictures! She also has a website where she maintains a Calendar and an In-Progress page that is updated regularly. She's very dedicated and you can tell that she loves her work from how she talks about them. After getting scammed by one wig commissioner I was hesitant about commissioning someone when it came to wigs. I asked her to provide me ways to contact her and I would provide mine as well, she assured me and she provided me with every type of contact information possible and we chatted regularly. She is very friendly, a sweetheart, and a very professional commissioner. Once I sent her the upfront payment, she e-mailed me, the same day and told me the wigs she'd purchased, as well, as sent me pictures of the order, and told me they would arrive in three weeks or so. To me it seems like you have to be the most careful when commissioning for wigs, because only a few commissioners are honest and professional, well, I've found my professional wig commissioner and she's a sweetheart to work with! She also does props and cosplays! So I really recommend her for Wigs, Props, and Cosplay! I've currently commissioned her for more wigs! You will definitely love her work and her professionalism!

-Excellent communication
-Speedy replies
-Is a sweetheart to work with!
-Has a Commission Calendar in her website and also an In-Progress page that updates regularly.
-She also provided me with Wig Swatches, so I could pick which color of wigs I wanted, and also gave me her suggestion on which one she thought would look best with the reference pictures I provided her with.
-She's honest and told me which wigs she felt confident doing.
-She also gives discounts and is always offering a type of discount for wigs, either a Kiriban, an order or a wig that she wants to make, or if you order more than one wig.
-She provided me with a Tracking Number.
-She also provides pictures when she purchases the items!
-Uses Arda Wigs and high-quality products!

This is a wig commissioner that I will continue commissioning in the future!

Cons: 0, NONE

Final Grade: A+++ (Inifinite!)
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