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(In Ottawa) Looking For Furry to Help With Costume (also armour maker?)

Well for comiccon in Ottawa I want to cosplay as one of the Halo covenant, either a Jackal or a Grunt. So I'm looking for someone who knows how to make Furry's or similar to help me make the costume. I hope to start in January and I hope it is enough time to make it!
Also since they wear armour, I know foam? is what a lot of people use. Basically I need someone to help and guide me with making this costume. I don't want you to do all the work, I definately want to do most of it, but have you as a guide and help me with it. Tutorials online ain't gonna help me lol Having someone there working on it with me and know what they are doing is very very very preferred!
I can buy all the materials, I just need your expertise!
If you are willing to help me, it would be greatly appreciated! Maybe I might have some money to compensate for your help!

The 2 costumes I am considering is:

The Grunt: ASH.jpg


The Jackal:

I hope I'm asking help from the right person xD I donno who else to ask <:
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