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Originally Posted by MangoFedora View Post
Here is a reference sheet:

she has many outfits/hairstyles, and this is the one I was cosplaying recently:

this is one I would like to use in the ACEN convention that happens in May:

so you can see her hair is very long, and kind of scruffy/layered.
this cosplayer has the best wig in my opinion. she's also the one that said it is made from a 60inch wig and a 48inch wig(though it seems some layers are shorter than that). here are some of her pictures (you can make the images bigger if you click on them)

I was also thinking of maybe reusing the wig for another character, Seraphim from Kohe Wa ZOmbie Desu Ka, but I'm not sure if it would work...they have different bangs/layers: not sure if that'll work out too well
If you reeeally want that length, be aware it will tangle very, VERY badly. That said, I recommend combining this: and this: to get the layers plus length. OR this from EpicCosplay and one of their shorter wigs. Personally, I don't like the looks of EpicCosplay wigs, but I hear they tangle a bit less.

Also note that you WILL NOT be able to use the same wig(s) for both those characters. High ponytail wigs like that require special styling to look right, usually involving a short wig and a clip on ponytail or lots of cutting and glue. A long wig can not just be pulled up into a ponytail, and a wig specially made for high ponytails will not look right hanging straight down.
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