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Originally Posted by 12WolfZ View Post
I'm cosplaying on Friday and on Sunday, I'll be Elite Four member Flint from Pokemon both days.

I heard on the Shadocon forum that there's someone going as Houndoom, I really hope I find them haha.
Hey me and some friends are doing some Pokemon cosplay too on Friday, I'm going as Gold/Ethan (Heart Gold version) and my friends are going as Red (Fire Red), Silver, and Snorlax.
Cosplays (Cons)
Gakuen Hetalia, Prussia (Shado 12)
Pokemon, Gold/Ethan (Shado 12, Metro 13)
Vocaloid, Dell Honnie
Batman, Black Mask (Khaotic 14)
Soul Eater, Spirit/Death Scythe (Shado 12, Metro13)
Hetalia, England Cd (Metro 13, Khaotic 14)
Team Fortress 2, Blu Spy
Soul Eater, Giriko
Baccano!, Firo Prochainezo
Pokemon, Giovanni (Khaotic 14)
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