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Originally Posted by MangoFedora View Post
Those wigs do look like they would work

I'm very knowledgeable when it comes to wigs, since I have never used on before. How would you recommend that I combine the two wigs? Thank you for the help!
There are a few different ways you could combine them. The easiest would be to cut the longer wig into wefts and sew them into the shorter wig to create the layered effect.

These three tutorials should give you a good idea of what to do. As long as you're good with hand-sewing, it shouldn't be a hard process even for a beginner. Plus, sewing them in like that gives you more control over where the thickness is and how the layers are set up. And if you mess up, you can just carefully use a seam-ripper to remove the stitches and try again. It MIGHT make the wig fairly heavy, but if it does you can just sew toupee clips into the mesh in front which should keep it from sliding around.
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