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I sometimes wear make up for cosplay. I typically don't for conventions (with the exception of Sakura Con.) There isn't really a point for me to wear it because I only get my picture taken by like two people the entire convention anyways, with or without makeup. I also have a problem with it wearing off since Kawaii Kon and Hexxp are always very hot and since I usually staff I don't get the time to just fix it a lot. So I just don't bother? Maybe I'm just lazy...

I do definitely do for all photoshoots now days though. It helps me a lot and my face is super round so I've been working on conturing it. I also use foundation, eyeliner, and cover up... Sometimes I'll even use lipstick (lip balm? not sure the difference...) because my normal lips are a bit pale and will look weird otherwise. I do this for most of my photoshoots lol and I usually cosplay guys.... Though admittedly, I still don't know how to use eyeshadow.
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