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Originally Posted by cybernova View Post
I love how gay rights discussions always contain those same anti-Christian, pro-gay "omfg the Bible says u shud stone ppl and that womans hav no rights and stuff too so hurr durr it's all BS" arguments. I mean really, it may have been an innovative, smart-butt thing to say at some point, but now it's just one of those things you spout out to prove your imagined levels of sophistication. Because really? The Bible says slavery is a-ok? Wo-wee, now that's something new. and chances are you haven't even read the book yourself to see the validity of your claims

And yes, I'm an atheist, and no, I don't care for religions when they limit people's lives, and yes, I support gay rights, BUT no, I still don't care for that particular argument, just like I don't care for any other over-used, bland, unintelligent arguments.

Just an observation, not trying to provoke or personally insult, so please try not to get butthurt.
^.....thank you. I'm Christian, I believe in gay know what? Big deal. The way I see it, the real problem is everyone getting up in arms about something that should have never been argued over in the first place. Love who you love...and if someone doesn't like it? They need to back off; it's not their business to control every aspect of every single person's life. It actually makes me a little angry to see so much hate towards the LGBT community by Christians when we are in fact called to love our neighbors...not attack them over their partner. No one's perfect and if we've been reduced to telling people who they can and cannot marry then we'd might as well start stoning criminals and maiming thieves.

But with that being done.
....I'm so sick of the people who supposedly care about family...doing nothing but pointing out my every flaw and attacking me over the stupidest things for no real reason. I can't even make a comment about the 'effing weather without it turning into WWIII over how I did my hair or if things that have been done for weeks are actually finished. Ugh. I'm going mad if they keep this up.
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