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Originally Posted by cybernova View Post
I love how gay rights discussions always contain those same anti-Christian, pro-gay "omfg the Bible says u shud stone ppl and that womans hav no rights and stuff too so hurr durr it's all BS" arguments. I mean really, it may have been an innovative, smart-butt thing to say at some point, but now it's just one of those things you spout out to prove your imagined levels of sophistication. Because really? The Bible says slavery is a-ok? Wo-wee, now that's something new. and chances are you haven't even read the book yourself to see the validity of your claims

And yes, I'm an atheist, and no, I don't care for religions when they limit people's lives, and yes, I support gay rights, BUT no, I still don't care for that particular argument, just like I don't care for any other over-used, bland, unintelligent arguments.

Just an observation, not trying to provoke or personally insult, so please try not to get butthurt.
I don't think it's supposed to be an innovative, erm... "smart-butt" (I like that) thing to say. If people are being deliberately facetious and insulting then sure, that's not the right way to treat the issue, but the fact is this: The Bible says a lot of things are not allowed, and it's truly baffling which of these modern fundamentalist Christians decide to dwell on and which they don't. Basically the ones that suit them. That is a very, very valid argument, and that's why people use it a lot. the bible says you can't wear garments of mixed linen and cotton, and you absolutely are allowed to eat locusts. You don't see the Westboro Baptist church picketing with signs saying "God hates mixed fabrics! But he LOVES locusts!".

So I get what you're saying that you've heard it a lot, but that doesn't make it a tired and pointless argument. And don't stoop to accusing people of having not read the bible. That's a pretty old and tired argument itself, because I'd put money on the fact you haven't sat down and read it cover to cover either. My mother is a devout catholic and she's never 'sat down and read the bible'. Very few people actually do that. At least not in the last few hundred years.

Just hearing the same argument many times doesn't make it bullshit. In fact, it might just be that people are repeating it so much because there is in fact some validity to it.

Trust me, I get as pissed as the next guy when people start calling it "a fairy tale for gullible people who are afraid of death", and unlike you I wouldn't even classify myself as atheist -- I am not confident enough in my knowledge of the mechanics and very existence of the universe that I can realistically call myself anything other than an absolutely clueless agnostic -- but to dismiss an argument as stupid and pointless just because you've heard it a lot is a path to ignorance.

Originally Posted by Curucar View Post
SO. A week or so back my mum got the *exact* same tattoo that I had got a few days prior, without my permission. Which pissed me off to no end. So I had it added to today. For that, my actions are 'childish'.

She has a lot of medical problems, so oftentimes it's me that goes and picks up EVERYTHING from her. To the point where people think that I AM her. I don't want the exact same ink as her-- I'm my own bloody person.
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