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Originally Posted by Sybren117 View Post
Just hearing the same argument many times doesn't make it bullshit. In fact, it might just be that people are repeating it so much because there is in fact some validity to it.

Trust me, I get as pissed as the next guy when people start calling it "a fairy tale for gullible people who are afraid of death", and unlike you I wouldn't even classify myself as atheist -- I am not confident enough in my knowledge of the mechanics and very existence of the universe that I can realistically call myself anything other than an absolutely clueless agnostic -- but to dismiss an argument as stupid and pointless just because you've heard it a lot is a path to ignorance.
Ah how I agree with you. Thank you for making more sense than I do.

The way I had written that argument in my original post (using only the best of grammar, "bible sucks etc") was meant to express that the argument proves nothing of your intelligence or your point when you're just playing broken telephone and screaming on an internet forum about it. It's not the argument that isn't valid, it's the way people repeat it and never bother to check if they've got their stuff right.

And I didn't say you'd have to read the book cover to cover (I haven't), but at least one could try to find and quote the passages that support their arguments, so that people could make their own perceptions. That'd give the argument ground, and make it actually arguable. And it's good manners IMO.

I guess I'm atheist unless/until given reason to turn agnostic. So maybe agnostic is closer in the end.
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