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Note that I said, "most events," meaning events of all types, not just cosplay-oriented conventions. You can't get a press pass into a U2 concert or the Daytona 500 by telling the event organizer that your credentials are "I have a photo blog that shows up on the second page of Google."

Even for cosplay-friendly conventions, the big guys like E3 and SDCC already get plenty of coverage from Kotaku, G4, Tech Republic, Game Informer, Penny Arcade Report, [the list goes on and on]. In their eyes, they don't have much to gain by giving free or additional access to yet another enthusiast with a camera. It's not a slight against your skills as a photographer or reporter - it's just that readership, reach, and "the bottom line" are still king. Nothing personal, it's just business.

Should they give additional access to skilled enthusiast photographers, knowing that their content will be of value to their guests? Dunno. It doesn't directly make money, so they probably won't.

I agree that it's unfortunate to see big media sites with sub-par photography.

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Personal blogs are frowned upon? Maybe at a point in time years ago when the Internet had no equalizing factor to it. My main website has a decent ranking in Google, which is one of the primary sources of general Internet traffic for terms like "ACEN 2012 photos" (the site currently shows up on page 2). Obviously, not anything like Kotaku, but good enough and more specialized with what I decide to cover.

This talk of certain media organizations being more worthy than others or individuals is questionable. Some might have more reach, but it is generic pointless reach and they take on coverage just to increase their bottom line. When a convention allows individuals or smaller organizations that actually care about the event, I think that is a really positive thing. Our photos or videos are just as valid to an individual searching out coverage of the event. Some of the content I've seen done by larger organizations or general newspapers has been low quality and very limited.

When you apply, they ask for site statistics and existing work, so there isn't any question that this media credential would be taken away from someone supposedly more deserving. The convention decides. If Dragon*Con doesn't find personal sites useful to them, then I guess that's their prerogative.
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