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Can someone please help me with this GIRL ezio cosplay??

So basicaly I have until next year (330 dayz) to make this xD
But this is the picture of a girl ezio version..

I asked the girl how she made it and she told me "just bought a plain white stretchy tank top (preferably with a balcony chest bit thing)

by lots of Red fabrics and whites!
and Laces! for the top.
Find any old dark brown or buy ones for your cape thing
and grey knee long socks (cut off the end bit and make a hole where the thumb would fit out to) and skinny belts to wrap around your arms for vambraces :]

and trace a big hood, I used my boyfriends.

pretty easy. :]

but make sure the red fabric you use does leak its red cause I made a mistake of choosing the wrong red fabric and when I tried washing my costume, the red leaked and the white fabric when pinkk L

:[ meehhh all that hard work haha

good luck :]]]"

I didnt want to annoy her and ask her to lyk make a youtube vid remaking it or somthing >.< and im really bad at directions... so If someone can help me make this literaly step by steepp then my email is
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