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Originally Posted by nathancarter View Post
Note that I said, "most events," meaning events of all types, not just cosplay-oriented conventions. You can't get a press pass into a U2 concert or the Daytona 500 by telling the event organizer that your credentials are "I have a photo blog that shows up on the second page of Google."

Even for cosplay-friendly conventions, the big guys like E3 and SDCC already get plenty of coverage from Kotaku, G4, Tech Republic, Game Informer, Penny Arcade Report, [the list goes on and on]. In their eyes, they don't have much to gain by giving free or additional access to yet another enthusiast with a camera. It's not a slight against your skills as a photographer or reporter - it's just that readership, reach, and "the bottom line" are still king. Nothing personal, it's just business.

Should they give additional access to skilled enthusiast photographers, knowing that their content will be of value to their guests? Dunno. It doesn't directly make money, so they probably won't.

I agree that it's unfortunate to see big media sites with sub-par photography.
I agree with you, but I think my issue was the perceived attitude I'm getting through your words.

I agree that it does depend on the convention, and I'm not concerned about musical concerts or other events without cosplay. There isn't any need to "have your editor" as you said before to get passes, because most conventions have a well defined method of requesting access. If they don't approve it, then that's fine. I just don't believe I or other individuals are taking away from anyone in this instance, because a convention in question approves or disapproved the application. Maybe part of my message above just suggests, based on my opinion, that some conventions are missing out due to their restrictive policies. I don't want to get into a numbers game, but the price of a badge either way isn't of much significance.

I think the convention offering discounted badges or free ones would be a nice gesture, though they might think they will receive the coverage either way, so they can get the admission fee and the coverage. Win-win for them I guess.

I wouldn't be surprised if some of the largest conventions have made exceptions for individuals such as Acksonl, though they might treat him as a guest instead of press/media.

All that being said, I prefer just being a normal attendee more than with a media pass, because there isn't any coverage requirement.
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