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I hate how female nerds are either seen as fakes, or if they're "real" then they must be ugly and socially retarded. Just today in English class some of the kids were talking about Xbox Live, and the girl in front of me mentioned that she had one. Immediately one of the guys laughs and says "Is your name Girlygirl22?"

I guess I'm pretty cute, with all of the creepers at my school on me, and I get hit on a lot at conventions. I have a rather...naturally endowed chest (As Dizzy Dean said, "It ain't bragging if it's the truth.") and strangers often think that I'm in my 20's when I'm 16. I don't lead them on, I politely tell them that I have a boyfriend.

I never did get into many western comics or superheroes. (I do like webcomics though) They just never appealed to me. I got into the gaming scene late because as a child my parents never let me game because they were paranoid about nerd culture and thought I'd a: get addicted and have no social life or b: I'd become violent since to them every game is pointless violence and titties.

I'm very much into anime/manga, (I'm an anime club president at my school and have won an anime trivia contest before against people who have been into anime for 10+ years more than I have) although I'm not into the Big 3 type anime since I'm not a fan of shonen.

I also read history textbooks and reference books for FUN. Right now on my bed are 3 books on modern European history.

But according to this guy's logic, it doesn't matter how much manga, history books, or webcomics I read, animes I watch, or games I play, I'm a fake because I have 2 X chromosomes and because I'm not a cosplaying professional. I also shouldn't cosplay because men are helpless to a cute girl and by me not wanting them I'll shatter their hearts into a million pieces because I'm just that evil. I am most certainly never buying any of his works now.
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