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PMX/Otakorp/Lunar Fest
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I am so tempted to add you on Facebook Access, but I am not sure if you will accept my friend request.

Speaking of, here is my Facebook Album, I will open it up to the public until 11/25. After that it is going back to my friends list:
Day 1 - Friday
Day 2 - Saturday
Day 3 - Sunday

Feel free to add me since my Facebook friends get top priority for photoshoots

Here is my convention report for PMX 2012
Former SPJA Board/Treasurer/Interim CFO (AX Staff 8 years)
Official PMX and BlasterCON Photographer, APCA Board Director, PMX Marketing, Otakon Vegas Treasurer

Photography Blog, dA, FB Fan Page, Personal Blog

Future Cons: Stan Lee's LA Comic Con, Pacific Media Expo

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