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Coming out of a website entitled 'Geeksaresexy', I basically disregarded the content of this article immediately as exactly what can be expected of it; sexualized, self-entitled trash.
So, tl;dr:
Harris, fuk u. u dnt NO ME OR MY LYF.

I hate dragging out the soapbox for a community that's founded in reality escapism and shouldn't fundamentally require serious justification for the mechanics of what it does, but Harris doesn't know shit about cosplay. He's not a participant; he's a spectator. And like many spectators on a culture and community he knows little if anything about personally, feels privileged by his removed vantage to judge and superimpose his biased values on top of it. We've all done it, we've all been victims of it, though thankfully a lot of us learn how to control or at least channel these impulses in a way that isn't as flagrantly destructive to others' self-esteem as posting vitriol bs on a public forum is. What he did is childish and self-indulgent, and it infuriates me. But I hope he understands now, after the act, what it's like to get your eyebrows singed when you dick around with an open flame. Sometimes it takes getting burnt for people to learn that there are consequences when you make hedonistic decisions in public. Things like exposing your genitals at the train station and saying inflammatory things on the internet, they all fall into the same bucket when you're either arrested or spammed with hate mail or both.

By his responses, a favorable outcome where he learned from the reactions he got looks bleak, but I've gotta hope. Maybe this just reinforced his beliefs that bitches are p0zers and are striking out against him because what he's saying is so utterly tr00, maybe there's a glimmer of remorse for his impetuousness spotwelded on the back of his skull. Idunno. Point being he acted an ass and I hope he at some point in the near future he figures out why.

And to add to the general consenus yeah the geek community still carries its mono-gendered baggage, and honestly until there are major social changes dealing with the way we approach gender roles I feel it probably always will, in fragments and shadowed gestures. It's symptomatic of a larger problem present in all corners of western macro-culture in that a major demographic of contemporary men is addressing contemporary women in an antiquated fashion. Which is fucking depressing.
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