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Looking for a Cheshire (Pandora Hearts) wig!

Hi! So, I'm just starting a Cheshire cosplay and the thing I'm most stuck on at the moment is the wig. Here's some refs:

The only one I could find on ebay was this: 823b

To me, that looks more brown than the red-black Cheshire has. And I'd also like to have the wig and ears separate - I can make ears easily and I've dyed stuff before, so I don't have any problems with dying material to match the wig. If I can't find anything else I'll use the ebay wig, but I don't particularly like it. Any ideas?

Also, I've heard of being able to dye wigs. Would it be possible for me to just get a very dark grey/brown wig and dye it to have the red tinge I want?

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