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Originally Posted by Kitsunebi-chan View Post
okay just curious but is it fair for like one person to win like more than one cosplay contest in one weekend?? i mean like winning hallway, walk on and skits contest? with the same outfit by the way

i know many cons say that you can only win once that weekend but this recent one ive been too changed that

It's one thing to win one contest/ maybe win in a group skit contest later.

However I think that people that win a big price in one contest, should not enter the other ones. Maybe it should be done like how kid pageants do can win a lower title, and later have a chance to win a larger title later. However people that win middle titles, can't compete for the main title.

Now in the scenario where one has a "god" cosplay and "destroys" everyone else...they should get a high title, but if they keep entering, then they will keep on winning the high titles (not that other cosplays suck....) Its to give everyone a chance at winning something.... Maybe it's biased....but it's to give smaller people a chance lol
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