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Originally Posted by Li_Syaoran View Post
From what i saw, i say u are 95% cut for cosplaying as a male
Keep it up and someday youn will achieve ur goal, =D
Thanks for the input!
So I checked out your post and I think that you definitely CAN pass.
But here are some, totally optional, tips. Especially since Len is a boy. xD
So, I'd probably wear circle lenses and false eyelashes and line your waterline with a white eyeliner. Also maybe thin out your eyebrows or completely cover them and draw on new ones.
I'd probably let the dress "puff out" somewhere under the waist instead of the hips to accentuate it, or maybe wear a corset of waist trimmer.
And maybe add a hoop skirt under the dress to let is flare out.^^

Anyway, if someone still has tips for me, I'd be happy to hear them! :3

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