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No, not yet. But I will. Lately I was at a place where they sold wigs and they told me I wouldn't be able to wear one however. As my hair is basically a 'collection' of all my hair over the past time I had these dreads, they have a pretty big volume. I tried just tying them back though, and that already looked better, though I should find a way to make it a bit more... neat!

And $50 is a pretty nice price, that's still in my budget range
Lately I was thinking however, to make it myself. Would that be possible? I read some tutorials on leather moulding, etc. and it seemed quite easy to do, and it would leave me with a mask I can fine tune to my own preferences for a much lower price too.

I'm quite tall, so I'm not sure if childrens sizes fit me (that was a long time ago) but, yeah, boys are a bit bigger so maybe I can actually find a fitting size. I also found a discounted tailcoat on Amazon, for about $30, if it's really as good as the picture shows I might consider buying that one. But it's almost so cheap that I'm wondering if there's something... behind it.

Anyway, thanks for the tips! I hope I will be able to finish my costume. It's always been a bit of a dream for me to cosplay Erik. (unfortunately I also have my sex against me, but anyway... I AM quite tall and thin though (nope, no anorexia or anything. I can eat the clock 'round and still be like this, lol!))
Some day I'd also love to do a Leroux Erik cosplay, only I'm still thinking... the nose... how would you cosplay someone without a nose!? Make up can fix some things, but still... not really.
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