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Originally Posted by sam vimes View Post
What's your middle name, everybody?

I don't have one.
James. I hate saying my full name though, it makes me sound like a d-bag. Not that I'm not one, but that's due to my actions, not my name.

Originally Posted by MaiSheri View Post
I have the wonderfully dated Barbara for my middle name. I don't know any Barbaras younger than baby boomers. But there was no escaping it, since both of my grandmothers are Barbaras.
Your new AnarCHris appointed nickname is J-Babs. Also a new issue of Saga dropped on Wednesday, it has the most terrifying/hilarious single page image to date.

Originally Posted by UsakoLuna View Post
Hostess went under! No more ho-hos!
I blame Little Debbie. That being said, despite the lost of Ho-Hos, Twinkles, and Ring-Dings, it's probably best that they're off the market, because America's childrenz are fat enough as it is.

Alternative crazy theory: This is God's punishment for the existence/popularity of "Honey Boo Boo" or whatever the frig she's called. THE CHRISTIAN GOD IS AN ANGRY GOD!

In B4 fat-shaming or whatever.
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