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Originally Posted by sam vimes View Post
What's your middle name, everybody?

I don't have one.

People commented to me as a kid that I have the same name as the child owner in Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Dinner last night was nice, unfortunately Brando didn't get home until close to 8:30 though. At the last minute some douchebiscuit wandered into the store like 5 minutes to close but his manager/buddy got Brando out before the other guys so he'd make it home for us to have anniversary stuff.

When he got home and I opened up the door (i have the keys for some reason..) he was holding a big bunch of sunflowers he picked up from the florist his mother works for ^^ Sunflowers are my favorites.

We made it to the sushi bar restaurant and where some of the last people let inside that night so it's a good thing he got home when he did. It was about 15 to 10pm when we left and a few people where still eating. It was really tasty! I got a sashimi sampler and chicken yakitori with miso and Brando got chicken katsu with miso. After we went to the new Tim Hortons/Coldstone that opened up nearby and got a half dozen doughnuts. Face+Food.

If we have the money tonight we might go out to Ann Arbor. I am gonna try something new with cooking pork loins so we don't go out spending more money tonight for another dinner. Since I haven't cooked them myself before I am kinda nervous on how it will turn out. I am going to coat them in panko crumbs and maybe some seasoning like cayenne pepper and ginger (maybe on the ginger) and cook them in a big pan with some olive oil. Hope it turns out alright.
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