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Originally Posted by CobaltTempest View Post
Wow, I really can't give suggestions for Karkat for that's far past the point of passing. You did well in the Mukuro one as well, but I would suggest changing the way you define your eyes a bit (make the upper lashline look flatter and not so round).

Also, 5'10"?! I'm 5'7" o_O.

Thanks for the compliment! Just out of curiosity, what did you think about the differences in particular?

As for your crossplay, I would say that your facial shape works well for female (and the switch from black to pink was a good call in my opinion). I think you may have used a little too much eyeshadow (this is more of a personal thing, though, as I personally believe in emphasizing the lashlines over all else when it comes to cosplaying. Circle lenses are optional, but false eyelashes would do A LOT (See the comparison pic I posted) to enhance crossplaying male-to-female. I would also suggest lip gloss over lipstick as the emphasis on lips should not detract from the eyes (Again, my personal preference). As LluviaSarcasm suggested, it can't hurt to add a little more shape to the dress, but this is also personal preference. I would also suggest white eyeliner, but I have no idea how it's supposed to work, so I'm going to back away from that subject for the time being o_O. You definitely pass for the most part, but I'm sure you can definitely make for better! Really well done for a first crossplay, nonetheless!
Well i may be a noob in make up but exactly what brand of white eyeliner do you suggest?
I was using a fake eyelash and i think i should get a longer one but the stores where i live like sell short to med long types xO
and for the gloss i cant seem to find a black one in the store where i live. Right now i am looking at a red pinkish gloss and lipstick.

Well looking at your past pictures, you did improve alot. I clearly see some sexiness on that face. My suggestion, try using blue eye shadow, that would complete it.

Originally Posted by LluviaSarcasm View Post
Thanks for the input!
So I checked out your post and I think that you definitely CAN pass.
But here are some, totally optional, tips. Especially since Len is a boy. xD
So, I'd probably wear circle lenses and false eyelashes and line your waterline with a white eyeliner. Also maybe thin out your eyebrows or completely cover them and draw on new ones.
I'd probably let the dress "puff out" somewhere under the waist instead of the hips to accentuate it, or maybe wear a corset of waist trimmer.
And maybe add a hoop skirt under the dress to let is flare out.^^

Anyway, if someone still has tips for me, I'd be happy to hear them! :3
I'm planning to thin out my eyebrows a bit more before my next con.
and also for my dress to puff out can you give me some examples and what kind i should get?
i am a total noob still xD
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