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Originally Posted by Seismogenic View Post
I don't know if this is a pervasive problem or if my computer's just being a butt, but when I click on this link, it takes me to a general list of Facebook events I've been invited to, as opposed to the page for this event specifically.

Is this the first year that cosplay is going to be part of the Lunar Festival? I've performed music in the festival twice now, but never noticed any cosplay things going on.
I do apologize, apparently facebook changed the settings from a Public Event to a Friends event, I changed it back. If it is giving any issues, let me know as soon as possible.

This is actually the second year cosplay is at the event, last year we held a Cosplay Fashion show and a gathering. We had around 75 cosplayers attend, with many anime fans who don't cosplay there for support, which was very good for its first year. This year we have greatly expanded events and we are also letting people know about it much earlier.
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