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Originally Posted by kuroki-neko View Post
im not sure if it was a rule or not but someone told me i could not be shritles at con, even though it was key tell of my cosplay.

i notice the fact that it was the same songs over and over for gutiar hero as someone who is pretty savy with music i have to say i lost intrest in a few songs this con.

on the panels; can someone for the love of all that is good, can someone do a panel that is not about hetilia?! i mean seriously mostly every panel the whole con was related to that.

id gladly staff at aki con if i could get out to the meetings.

although i liked the new spot for the dealers hall it had way more space and fit the artist alley in with it.

in closing i have to say i just wish i had a chance to take pics with the other pokemon cosplayers, i was the only one who showed up at the photoshoot. although most of the pokemon cosplayers did not show up till later in the con.
I know most cons allow it..Which was why, when you told me, I looked confused..I mean, I've looked at all the cons in Wa sites and they all say the least ammount of closes has to cover the full butt and the you know what. Like basically, swim trunks at the least..Which is why it confused the hell outta me..

On the guitar hero..Blame the people playing..There ARE more then one song to pick..I mean sure, you will eventually get through all the songs at least 4 times, but everyone kept picking the same like 2 or 3 songs..It was "Queen" and "Eroupe" and one other that I didn't know over and over and over..Kinda annoying..

Weren't there like 3 or 4 Hetalia ones? Was one not enough?

Don't feel left out at the shoot..The photo shoots were run so badly..My gathering got overrun with Marvel cosplayers who decided "Oh, boy. Another gathering? NOW is the best time to have all of us go in and get our pics taken so they cvant. hurr hurr hurr!!" I mean, seriously? We have a fucking time slot. ONLY LET US IN!! Watch the damn door and if there is a huge group of other cosplayers don't let them in..That simple..
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