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AnimeNext 2013 - Dragonball Z

My friend and I are planning on doing DBZ Villians, with her as Female Cell and me as Female Buu. So I was just wondering if anybody else was planning on cosplaying someone from the Dragon Ball series this year at AnimeNext. We could meet up for a photoshoot or just a small gathering

Day: Friday
Time: 3:00pm
Location: The Red Docks

-Fem Majin Buu: EchoesxGrace
-Fem Perfect Cell: EchoesxGrace's friend
-Goku: Shiyuki_kun
-Trunks: Fearless
-Son Gohan (super saiyan): BruisedBlood
-Videl: alisia lycide
-Android 18: ChibiInuTsuzuki
-Bulma (with baby Trunks): Renenutet
-Hercule/Mr. Satan: KensukeX
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