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Originally Posted by miene-maus
So sorry for the late reply! I'm still new to this, but I'll see if I can help. There's definitely an improvement from last year; your eyes pop out more and they're a lot more feminine. She has thin eyebrows and a quick fix would be a little makeup or tweezing (but at least the color matched the wig from what I could tell, which is something I constantly forget to do). I'm not a pro with makeup, so I wouldn't be able to give you any tips on that, but anyway to make your face 'softer' whether it be a light ivory liquid or cream foundation would be a plus.

Anyway, I'm not entirely sure I know what I'm talking about, so take it with a grain of salt, yeah? You're doing good ^-^
Thanks for the compliments and advice! Yeah, I've tried tweezing at multiple instances, but I can't seem to get the shape I'm going for every time after taking out some hairs here and there. After looking back on some past photos, I feel like maybe I should switch to a lighter shade of foundation, but I don't want to end up looking unnaturally pale. I might look into cream foundations, though.

Originally Posted by Li_Syaoran
Well i may be a noob in make up but exactly what brand of white eyeliner do you suggest?
I was using a fake eyelash and i think i should get a longer one but the stores where i live like sell short to med long types xO
and for the gloss i cant seem to find a black one in the store where i live. Right now i am looking at a red pinkish gloss and lipstick.

Well looking at your past pictures, you did improve alot. I clearly see some sexiness on that face. My suggestion, try using blue eye shadow, that would complete it.
Rimmel Kohl Liners are pretty decent for their price. They're readily available at drugstores, so they shouldn't be too hard to obtain for you, I assume. If you are looking into longer false eyelashes, I would suggest either ordering online from vendors overseas or visit stores that stock up on Asian cosmetics. I recommend getting some with a criss-cross pattern for that cute, voluminous look (Speaking of which, I need to get some for myself soon for I have misplaced/lost the pair I had). As for lip gloss, black lip gloss doesn't quite make sense. Maybe try something that's a little less red (light pink is good)?

Sexiness, huh? I was trying to go for more on the cuteness factor seeing the character, though. I did have a friend do my makeup for a "sexy" version of the same character (especially with the use of more blue/teal eyeshadow), but I personally would have preferred something more toned down. Oh well, guess I got to continue working on it. More test pics to come at a later time (and hoping to score more on cuteness over sexiness).
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